Council of Animals

Council of Animals

Council of AnimalsEorthe ˜ First Moon
  Legacy of the Blue Sun Prophesy

Described as, "Harry Potter meets the Lion King in Narnia."

A Story about ancient Eorthe.

An adventure, never told before... in which you are living now. Maybe you did not know ?

Can you find the hidden codes, trick the crazy-eyed Garodynos that drool slime, find the Crystal Castle of Za, watch out for the snakes on Zjuesusx, learn Nature secrets from the Emerald Shimmerionnes, make friends with 9’ Monster, all the while watching out for dangers in Mortuaire, swim with the dolphins & also use the magick of Zutherasta ?

Will you be able to figure out the clues to make it to the Council of Animals on time ??

Go, go now... an adventure awaits!

...and your help is needed!

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