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Question: Joseph, why do you use funny punctuation?

Answer: Why do you ?

Question: Zach, your drawings are really great, did your dad help you?

Answer: No. He was really quiet, which was nice.

Question: Is this book going to be made into a movie?

Answer: Yes, one day very soon! Write to your favourite directors and movie stars and tell them!!

Question: How many secret messages and codes are in the book?

Answer: How many do you think there are ? OK < more than 2, less than 141>

Question: What is the Environmental Benefits Statement on the last page of the book?

Answer: This tells of how much water and how many trees were saved by printing the book on 100% PCR, FSC certified tree-free paper, because a book about the Eorthe... well, it just should be.

Question: Why do you change words, grammar and punctuation around?

Answer: Only to make it square.

Question: Can I be in your next book?

Answer: Maybe. We are going to pick one, or two, readers to be in our next book... all you have to do, is write to us about why it is you, and how you feel about the Eorthe... and there will be a draw so we can choose fairly.

Question: Do animals REALLY talk?

Answer: Do humans really listen ?

Question: Why are adults so stupid some times??!

Answer: It is not always easy, and most kids, I would say ARE smarter than most adults around them, yup!! But the adults are too busy listening to themselves talking and making unimportant things important, instead of really listening. And because they are bigger, they can force you to listen... for now...

Question: Are you coming to my school?

Answer: Maybe, one day soon. Where is your school ?... but just so you know, everything you need to know about life, about the Eorthe, about Nature and about yourself is totally in the book, though, you may have to read it a few times, to catch all the clues and secret stuff... but I know, I KNOW, you will!! You are goodness, be that, for yourself!

Question: Is Council of Animals a true story?

Answer: Do you think, er, I mean... feel, it is ?... and yes, it is true. Intention is the closest to truth one can come, and the intention in writing this book was as pure and honest as I can imagine, so yes, in that way it is true.

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